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Join us for our 2018 Campus Summit!

Description: The Skidmore College Project on Restorative Justice, or Campus PRISM, uses a restorative justice approach to address the problem of sexual and gender-based misconduct on college campuses. Restorative justice (RJ) encompasses a range of processes, programs, practices, and policies as well as a philosophical perspective that offers a new approach to meet survivors’ needs for safety, support, and justice; increase accountability; and develop community-building interventions to promote a culture of prevention.

Campus PRISM promotes restorative justice processes that…

  • Encourage true accountability through a collaborative rather than adversarial process;
  • Reduce risk of reoffending and provide greater reassurance of safety to survivors/harmed parties and the community;
  • Meet survivors’/harmed parties’ needs for safety, support, and justice; and
  • Create meaningful forums for the examination of hostile campus climates and the development of community-building interventions.

Join us to learn about the variety of restorative applications in higher education, facilitated by Toni McMurphy.

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