Statewide Trainings

October 27, 2017
VAdata for Advanced Users
ECPI Glen Allen Campus

Are you a Director who wants to learn more about what VAdata can do for you? Are you responsible for your agency’s grant reporting and want to learn more about how VAdata can make your grant reporting easier? Did you know that VAdata provides 14 different data reports, including reports for your primary grants through DCJS and VDSS? Are you hesitant to trust the reports in VAdata? If so, this VAdata report training is just what you’re looking for!

After this training you will understand: When and how to use the reports in VAdata; queries – how to use them to audit VAdata and retrieve information you’ve put into VAdata; how to use VAdata reports in grant writing, public awareness, and other community awareness activities; and how VAdata data entry impacts your quarterly statistical reports.