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Adding New Frameworks to our Prevention Tool Box– Original Airing 02/26/19

Reproductive Health and Justice 101– Original Airing 02/13/19

Legislative Advocacy in VA: A Primer for Sexual & Domestic Violence Advocates– Original Airing 01/08/19

LGBTQ Outreach In Rural Communities– Original Airing 08/28/18

Cultural Humility and Legal Advocacy– Original Airing 04/26/18

Polyamory and Consent– Original Airing 03/22/18

Exploring the Implications of Virginia’s Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Code Mandate– Original Airing 03/01/18

Culturally Relevant Services– Original Airing 11-13-17

Maintaining Confidentiality: Obligations & Best Practices– Original Airing 10-24-17

Barriers Adult Literacy Learners Face and How to Help Them Overcome Them?– Original Airing 10-12-17

SAFE Payment Plan– Original Airing 7-25-17

Vicarious Trauma Lunch-n-LearnOriginal Airing 7-7-17

Technology: The Good, the Bad and the UnknownOriginal Airing 6-30-17

Communicating the Impact of Advocacy in Your CommunityOriginal Airing 6-27-17

Protective Orders in VA – Understanding the Basics and Making them Work – Original Airing 6-22-17

LGBTQ 101Original Airing 6-21-2017

Asset Building in Rural Communities – Original Airing 6-15-17

Know Your Financial Rights! Accessing Virginia Victims Funding – Original Airing 6-12-17

Understanding Human Trafficking and How it Intersects with our DV/SV Work – Original Airing 1-30-2017

Working with Communities to Create Change (Prevention) – Original Airing 12-14-16

Rape on the Reservation and What You Can Do About It – Original Airing 11-21-16

Playing to Heal – Designing Trauma-Informed Sports Programs -Original Airing 10-26-16

Engaging Communities in Sexual Violence Prevention – Original Airing 10-13-16

One Less Hurdle – Sheltering Pets – Original Airing 9-13-16

Title IX, Advocacy and Prevention Campus Best Practices – Original Airing 8-18-16

Trauma & DNA – Original Airing 8-16-16

Q&A on State Policies for PERKS – Original Airing 7-21-16

Building Momentum to Maintain Prevention Programming Part 2 – Original Airing 7-14-16

The Impact of Social Media & Technology on Services – Original Airing 7-13-16

LGBTQ 101 – Original Airing 6-21-16

Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund Q&A – Original Airing 6-14-16

Meeting the Needs of Elder Survivors – Original Airing – 5-11-16

Tell Your Story – Annual Reports – Original Airing 4-27-16

Restorative Justice – Original Airing – 3-23-16

Supporting Survivors with Intellectual Disabilities – Original Airing 3-16-16

Building Momentum to Maintain Prevention Programming Part 1 – Original Airing 2-16-16

The Impact of Self-Care Practices at the Individual & Organizational Levels – Original Airing 1-26-16

Nonprofit Trends to Prepare For – Original Airing – 1-19-16

Confidentiality Policy and Practice – Original Airing 8-4-15